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Kernel upgrade usr/src/linux


I have recently upgraded to a 2.6 kernel from a 2.4 one. I subsequently hit a number of problems with an external module that I need for my Conexant PCI ADSL card. One of the problems was that I had usr/src/linux still symlinked to to the 2.4 kernel-source.

It would have helped me if. under Chapter 5 - Issues to be aware of for sarge in the Release Notes for Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 (`sarge') that there was a note to the effect that usr/src/linux needs to be deleted and replaced by a symlink to the 2.6 kernel-source, e.g.

 ln -s /usr/src/linux-  /usr/src/linux

I hope you will include this and save someone else having to find it out themselves!

John Talbut

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