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Re: Debian Reference

On Tuesday 27 September 2005 16:42, Antony Gelberg wrote:
> Would you mind if I investigate creation of a new XML version, that we
> can work on in parallel with the existing version?  I will also look at
> how the install guide is managed.  I can start to refactor the
> Reference, and you / Javi / whomever can filter in changes as and when
> ready.  I would of course appreciate your input throughout, as I don't
> want to go too far down the wrong road.

I am coordinator for the Installation Guide. Feel free to contact me 
on/off this list if you have any questions.
The toolset we use for the manual could use generalization. I would very 
much welcome help with this and implementing xml more broadly. I have no 
problems with making changes in the manual to make this possible 
(provided of course they don't bring major regressions).

Frans Pop

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