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APT-Howto 2.0.0


I'm uploading a new package today with the new version of APT Howto
which talks about aptitude, apt-secure and makes some stuff clearer. We
had some preliminary translations on some languages so I'm using them.
The not yet started are still the old ones.

The new version is on svn's trunk; please use it for translations:


I would like to have some suggestion from DDP people on how to handle
this for DDP's webpage, though. I'm still not willing to replace the
apt-howto from the web with the new version because of many reasons, but
I might consider this an option.

I'd like to provide both, though... any pointers? Should I create a
separate directory on the CVS or what?

See ya,

kov@debian.org: Gustavo Noronha <http://people.debian.org/~kov>
Debian:  <http://www.debian.org>  *  <http://www.debian-br.org>

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