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Bulgarian translation of release notes


My name is Rumen Krastev and I'm bulgarian's coordinator of Debian Web Pages 
Translation Project. I would like to start translating the "sarge release 
notes" and I would like to ask you some questions about that. 

Unfortunately I'm not so familiar with docbook nor debiandoc-sgml, because 
until now I worked only with .po and .wml files. I suppose there is some 
tools for debiandoc2po but I didn't found any. Even HTML version will be 

Please tell me what exactly is the algorithm to start translating this 
documentation? I remember something about debiandoc->docbook->html and via 
versa, or something like that?

Furthermore, according to this mail 
debiandoc is not compatible with UTF-8, so I should use windows-1251 (cp1251)?
..and according to this mail 
I should make new locale in /usr/share/perl5/DebianDoc_SGML/Locale

Thank you in advance for your answers

Kind regards

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