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ghostscript and (Nimbus) fonts

I am having trouble with the fonts I get from ghostscript.  For lack of a
more appropriate forum I present my question to this audience.

With fop I have generated a PDF file that has a decent Times-like serif
font; however it does not display the embedded EPS images.  When I use
`gs` to re-convert PDF output from the original PDF file, the images
become visible.  However, the font gets changed.  It has no more serifs
and what used to be italic is not.  In the output messages that `gs`
prints, there is frequent mentioning of Nimbus fonts like
NimbusRomNo9L-Regu .  These I find back in /etc/defoma/hints/gsfonts.hints
.  Supposedly these are Roman fornts, but apparently the aren't: no
serifs, italic identical to normal.  So my questions are:
1) How can I tell `gs` to use different fonts, in the DeFoMa set-up?
2) Where in Debian can I get alternative fonts to Nimbus for ghostscript?


	Tom Peters

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