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fonts from DocBook XML

I've written a text in DocBook XML, which I process using xsltproc and
Norman Walsh's xsl stylesheets, and then fop.  After this step I need some
hacking.  The reason is that I use EPS line images, and the PDF that fop
generates does not show them.  I follow 2 ways around this, which both
have problems:

1) Use ghostscript (`gs`) to convert the PDF file to a PDF file; in the
process GS does insert the EPS images.  The problem is that also the font
gets changed from a Times-like serif font, to a sans-serif font which I do
not like.  The GS output mentions "NimbusSanL-Bold" and
"NimbusRomNo9L-Regu" as well as NimbusRomNo9L-ReguItal that looks
identical to the non-italic.  Does anyone have an idea where they are
coming from and how I could change them?

2) Have fop output PostScript instead of PDF: then the images get
included outright.  The problem is that fop screws up superscript (something
legible does get done with subscript although the PDF output from fop
looks better).  I then use ps2pdf to generate a PDF file, which works fine
but does not repair the superscripts.  Any suggestions?

Then another problem: I use 2 entities from %isotech;, being ≠
(not-equals sign) and − (minus sign).  In all cases they are not
rendered and get replaced by a hash '#'.  I suppose I need to use a Symbol
font, but at what stage, how, and where?  BTW replacing the entity names
by their unicode numbers (™ and &#x2260) does not help.

Thanx for any suggestions.

	Tom Peters

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