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Release Notes: Anyone working on upgrade-related release notes?

Browsing through #241497 I've found that there is at least an important 
issue that needs to be documented related to the upgrade patch from woody 
to sarge, specially in some architectures (hppa64, sparc sun4m and 80386). 
Is anyone working in providing detailed information on the requirements 
for an upgrade from woody?

I'm not sure if the debian-installer team (in CC:) is aware of similar
issues, but maybe they could provide a list of the (known) issues that need
to be documented before the sarge release in the Release Notes pertaining 
to upgrades.

The current Release Notes are very terse related to kernel upgrades, and 
IMHO should be extended providing a proper procedure for people that have 
installed woody using debian-boot (and thus have boot floppy kernels) and 
want to upgrade to sarge.



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