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Update to w.d.o/cvs

Attached is a proposed updated to the webpage in the DDP project that 
describes how CVS access needs to be obtained. Since Martin Schulze has 
been taking care of this lately I believe the document is no longer 
up-to-date and should be updated based on the information available at

If nobody is against this change I will make the change in a few days.



Index: cvs.wml
RCS file: /cvs/webwml/webwml/english/doc/cvs.wml,v
retrieving revision 1.20
diff -u -r1.20 cvs.wml
--- cvs.wml	4 Dec 2004 12:40:27 -0000	1.20
+++ cvs.wml	15 Mar 2005 23:34:25 -0000
@@ -152,12 +152,47 @@
 writing the manuals.  We generally request that you have submitted
 a couple of useful patches first.
-<p>To obtain update privileges, send a request to the <a
-href="mailto:aph@debian.org";>Documentation Coordinator</a>, GPG
-encrypted with the Debian public key for <code>aph@debian.org</code>.
-In this email, include the username you want to use on the pserver, an
-alternative username in case your first wish is not available, and
-supplying a password (cleartext or crypted is fine).
+<p>To obtain update privileges, you need to send a request to the <a
+href="mailto:aph@debian.org";>Documentation Coordinator</a> and to
+the <a href="mailto:debian-doc@lists.debian.org";>Debian documentation
+mailing list</a> adding 
+<a href="mailto:debian-admin@lists.debian.org";>debian-admin</a>
+in the <tt>CC:</tt>. Please explain why you need access.
+Either the Documentation Coordinator or a relevant
+member of the Debian Documentation Team needs to approve your request
+before you are granted access.
+<p>If you are a Debian developer, once the request is approved, you 
+will be added to the <tt>cvs_doc</tt> group at <tt>cvs.debian.org</tt>
+and you will be able to update the CVS from there on.
+<p>If you are not a Debian developer, once your request is approved
+you will need to supply a a login name and a password. 
+The login name has to be distinct from existing Debian
+accounts (please check with 
+<a href="http://db.debian.org";>db.debian.org</a>).
+The password must not be sent via mail un-encrypted, even 
+though cvs sends it through the network un-encrypted.
+<p>You can use <tt>makepasswd</tt> to generate your password, just
+install that package and run:
+$ echo "SECRET" |makepasswd --clearfrom=- --crypt
+<P>Another simple way to encrypt a password is by using a Perl one-liner,
+knowing that Perl is already installed on your Debian GNU/Linux
+$ perl -e "printf \"%s\n\", crypt ("SECRET", join ('', ('.', '/', 0..9, 'A'.. 'Z', 'a'..'z')[rand (64), rand (64)]))"
+<p>Please send the result, together with the preferred account name,
+to <a href="joey@debian.org">Martin Schulze</a>. 
+Encrypt the entire mail with <a href="http://db.debian.org/fetchkey.cgi?fingerprint=B53FE57BD0C1F689FCE25";>his GnuPG key</a>.

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