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[patch] Release Notes: location of d-i manual on CD's

Please apply the patch below to correct the location of the installation
guide on the official Debian CDs.
Also corrects reference to manual as Installation Guide.

ATM only the html version is included on the CDs; it is not yet known
if other formats will also be included.

Frans Pop

--- release-notes.en.sgml.orig  2005-01-25 00:51:46.000000000 +0100
+++ release-notes.en.sgml       2005-01-25 01:05:46.000000000 +0100
@@ -98,7 +98,7 @@
           <prgn>LVM</prgn> (a volume management tool).</p>

           <p>For full details of the new Debian installation system, users
-          are advised to read the Debian installation guide included on the
+          are advised to read the Debian Installation Guide included on the
           first CD or at <url id="&url-install-manual;">.</p>

 <![ %i386 [
@@ -172,10 +172,10 @@
       <chapt id="installing"><heading>New Installations</heading>

         <p>If you are making a new installation of Debian, you should read
-        the installation manual, which is available on the Official CD at:
+        the Installation Guide, which is available on the Official CD at:

-/dists/&releasename;/main/disks-&architecture;/current/doc/install.txt (or .html)

         or on the Internet at: <url id="&url-install-manual;">.</p>

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