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Re: Could someone force the rebuild of securing-debian-howto on master?

Hi Javier,

Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña <jfs@computer.org> schrieb am 17.01.05 11:20:35:
> I'm not sure who has access to master, but it seems that it's unable to 
> regenerate the HTML files for the "Securing Debian Manual". Reviewing the 
> publish logs [1] it just tries to install the HTML files without
> regenerating them even though the publised html files hold a date of back 
> December.
> I'm not sure if this is a time-skew problem, or a problem on my side, but I 
> would appreciate if someone could force the 'securing-debian-howto' 
> directory to be rebuilt in master. Anyone?

I found the problem:
$(wildcard %/*.sgml) in the line

$(MANUAL).%.html.stamp: $(MANUAL).%.sgml  $(MANUAL).%.ent $(wildcard %/*.sgml)

is expanded to an empty string and not to what we expect. According to make's documentation
%/*.sgml should work in prerequisites as well (but not in variable assignments) but this fails too.
Is this a bug or a feature of make (in Woody and Sid)?

Replace $(wildcard %/*.sgml)  by $(SGMLSRCS) (which also contains .ent files which where
missing up to now) to fix it (same approach is used for other targets).
Please note that $(SGMLSRCS) contains the source for all languages. Touch the Japanese
translation and the English one rebuilds :-))

PS: There are other DDP documents which use $(wildcard %/*.sgml). I will fix this soon (using
a similar workaround).

PS: You wrote in CVS log that Japanese fails to build for you on Sid. Please send me the errorlog.
IIRC it works for me on Sid.

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