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Re: Debian "eyecatcher" Project


* W. Borgert <debacle@debian.org> [050109 12:18]:
> > But this is no problem of latex-beamer ...
> How about using HTML (with a lot of ugly ECMAscript) and
> Firefox in full screen as viewer?
> Cheers, WB
> Btw: I did some presentations using DocBook slides with HTML
> output and Firefox (on Windows!) as viewer...

The curent status is the following:

We have a prototype (with some dirty hacks, but it works), which is easy
to translate to other languages.

Changes are easy to track, since everything are text files.

You can embed nearly everything - speach, videos, movies, event
mathematical formulas in Tex.

It loops through different languages (which you can choose - if you
don't like it at all, it just loops through your prefered language).

It does all this unattended.

If a visitor has a question to a specific slide, you can stop it (well,
you can break it via <ctrl>+<c>) and call the presentation without the
loop function, and discuss the visitors questions withouth pressing the
back button of your browser every time the presention proceeds.

It works on nearly every plattform debian supports, even hurd.

To the best of my knowledgy, every solution proposed, be it
OpenOffice.org, slides as PDF-dokuments (created in various ways), or
HTML Dokuments will solve some ugliness of the current mgp solution, but
will create other ones.

Please correct me, if I'm wrong, and you can indeed do all this with one
of the proposed solutions.

Yours sincerely,

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