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Re: Debian "eyecatcher" Project


* Andreas Tille <tillea@rki.de> [050109 10:01]:

> >Well, I hope I described the idea behind eyecatcher well.  As you might
> >have seen visiting the project page:  We are still in early stage and
> >could need some help.
> I have a certain amount of landscape images - just in case you do not
> want only technical.

Currently we are in an early stage and try to solve the described
technical problems.  As soon as we got a satisfactorily solution we can
start thinking about design and content.

We finished a first prototype a couple of days ago [1], but unfortunatly I
didn't had time in the last days to do further work.

 1: http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/eyecatcher-general/2005-January/000013.html

> >Currently we are thinking about creating the presentation in mgp [2],
> >since it seems to be the easiest way, to track changes and translate it.
> I'm in the process of switching form MagicPoint to latex-beamer.
> While MagicPoint is quite fine, latex-beamer has (besides much
> more featureful) the big advantage that you get plain PDF output
> which is run by AcroRead. 

mgp has one feature, that might prove usefull:  You can embed nearly
everything in it, for example a small video showing a nice feature of

Furthermore to the best of my knowledge there exists no pdf viewer (BTW:
xpdf has a fullscreen mode, just call it with -fullscreen) which can
proceed to the next page automatically.

The whole point is to run the presentation unattended.  Therefore you
must be able to loop it somehow (therefore a viewer stopping at very
last page is quite difficult, you would need to run it in a loop, and
kill when after it showed the last page), and must have some kind of dia
show feature, since we don't want to have someone standing at the
computer showing the presention, pressing a button every couple of
minutes to proceed.

Please don't take me wrong: I haven't fallen in love with Magicpont,
and it is not perfect for this job, but as far as I can tell every other
proposed solution would create as much as problems as it would solve.

> Just imagine you want to run your presentation on a machine you have
> no chance to install MagicPoint ...

That's not the primary target group of eyecatcher; it would be nice if
we could reach it (e.g. via magicpoints html export?), but if we can't,
I can live with that.

> BTW, we just also think about kind of common latex-beamer theme for
> Debian talks as well.

That would be nice, indeed.

Yours sincerely,

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