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Re: Japanese and Chinese PDF support

Yooseong Yang  schrieb am 04.01.05 09:11:56:
> debiandoc-sgml can't creat files like pdf, ps in korean. In order to
> correct this problem, korean should change "tex" file one by one.
> Example:
> First, we should change files using
> $debiandoc2latex aaa.sgml
> after this job, one open and edit the file named "aaa.tex":
> `documentclass[11pt,korean]{book}' -> `documentclass[11pt,english]{book}'
> `usepackage[euc-kr]{inputenc}' -> `usepackage{hfont}'
> All done, korean make ps and pdf files.

Thank you very much. That was the information I was looking for.
I previously tried it hard but always failed.

Expect Korean PDF documents soon on www.debian.org/doc (I haven't yet
tested your code, but will do this soon).

> How about documents of Chinese and Japanese in debian-doc sgml?

It's the same. These are currently not supported so that I wrote a script which
converts the created .tex file.

I will create a patch for debiandoc-sgml so that we get a proper version into Sarge
and to simplify packaging of DDP documents.


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