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DDP CVS commit by jseidel: ddp/manuals.sgml/release-notes ca/Makefile cs/ ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/debian-doc
Module name:	ddp
Changes by:	jseidel	05/01/01 20:52:43

Modified files:
	manuals.sgml/release-notes/ca: Makefile 
	manuals.sgml/release-notes/cs: Makefile 
	manuals.sgml/release-notes/da: Makefile 
	manuals.sgml/release-notes/de: Makefile 
	manuals.sgml/release-notes/es: Makefile 
	manuals.sgml/release-notes/it: Makefile 
	manuals.sgml/release-notes/ja: Makefile 
	manuals.sgml/release-notes/zh_TW: Makefile 

Log message:
	use a simple Makefile by including ../Makefile.common instead of using a
	identical copy of a large error prone Makefile again and again (OK, PDF was
	out commented for Asian languages a few times)

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