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Inclusion of recommendations after an upgrade in the Release Notes?

Hi there,

After reading a point made by Steve Langasek in debian-release [1] I was 
wondering if it would be appropiate to list of things 'TODO' after an 
upgrade, specially:

- Remove dummy packages, you don't need them any longer. For a full list, 
check the Appendix.

- Check if you have other packages you don't need using the 'deborphan' 

- Check in your package manager if you have 'obsolete' packages (These are
shown first by package manager tools like dselect). These packages are no
longer provided by Debian and no security fixes will be provided for them,
you should consider replacing them, if possible, if you need them with
similar packages or removing them if you don't need them at all. For a full 
list, check the Appendix.


This is fairly generic, anyone care to expand it?

We added a list of "removed" packages in the previous release notes (how 
was it generated?) but I don't believe it mentioned these tips.



[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-release/2004/12/msg00102.html

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