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Re: Bug: Debian System Administrator's Manual

I'm copying this to the debian-doc list because it is several years
since I was involved in the documentation effort.

On Tue, 2004-11-02 at 16:19 +0000, Thomas Netter wrote:
> Section 16.1, paragraph 5 is unclear and seems to contradict "man rcS".
> http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/system-administrator/ch-sysadmin-time.html
> states:
> "To change the computer to use UTC after installation, edit the file
to keep the hardware clock in local time

> /etc/default/rcS, change the variable UTC to no. If you happened to
> install your system to use local time, just change the variable to yes
> to start using UTC. It is best to reboot after editing
> /etc/default/rcS to get the changes effective." 
> Please rewrite the above lines using the contents of "man rcS" where
> UTC= is described.
> I yet have to find a clear explanation/setup to configure a dual boot
> Debian/XP laptop where the time is correct in both operating systems,
> even after hibernation or suspend-resume on either operating system.

Dual boot with, I presume, Windows?  There isn't a good solution,
because Windows does this wrong, as it does so much else.

I simply let Windows use the wrong time; but if you want to have the
time right in both, you will have to do this in the Linux start-up and
shutdown scripts.  This will involve setting the hardware clock to UTC
as you start up Linux and back to local time as you shutdown.  The
command to use is hwclock (from the util-linux package).  I'm feeling
too sleepy to work out what options to use in each case.

> Thank you for your time to manage Debian documentation,
> Best regards,
> -Thomas Netter
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