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Re: Introduction...

On Sun, Oct 31, 2004 at 08:23:14PM -0600, John Hornbeck wrote:
> Hello,  I am John Hornbeck.  I work on the Ubuntu Documentation core
> team and would like to help out with Debian docs.  I feel that if we are
> going to be using alot of Debian items in Ubuntu that we need to fully
> extend the help back to Debian.  I am free to help with what ever docs

That's great, I'm glad to hear it.

> are in need of help and happy to help anyone who would like me to help
> them.  Please just let me know where I could be used and I will get
> started.  I am familiar with DocBook and learning ReST.  Hope that I can
> help out, and help bring alot of the Ubuntu docs back to Debian.

Well, you could probably "be used" in a lot of documents which are in need 
of help. You can just browse http://www.debian.org/doc/ or the CVS 
repository (cvs.debian.org, debian-doc CVSROOT) to get a feeling of which 
documents are in need of help. Developer's manuals probably don't need to 
much help, but user oriented documentation does. Specially, afaik, 
administration oriented manuals. 

Most documentation in Debian is currently, however, written in 
debiandoc-sgml (shouldn't be an issue to you, but just to let you know).

As an aside, one thing I've always wondered is which documents are actually 
being used. That's something we have not investigated and it would be great 
if someone could dig into the web log statistics (of both the main www site 
and mirrors) and could tell us: people are mainly using the following 
documents X, Y and Z. Documents are also distributed as Debian packages, so 
the popularity-contest data might be useful as well.

Finally, the "Debian Documentation Policy" document (that should replace 
http://www.debian.org/doc/docpolicy) is currently stalled. A lot of 
help is needed to finish it and provide it to developers and documentation 
writers as a guideline of how documentation should be provided within 
Debian. Actually, there are a number of TODOs related to the project and 
available at http://www.debian.org/doc/ddp which nobody is currently 
working on (again, afaik).

Hopefully that will get you (and others willing to contribute which are 
currently lurking in the list) started :-)



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