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Re: Bug#265743: debian-reference: FTBFS: tetex-bin changes?

On 15.08.04 Osamu Aoki (osamu@debian.org) wrote:


> Sigh :-(  I am wondering how TeX/LaTeX folks feel about RC bugs on
> documentation packages due to recent TeX/LaTeX package situation. 
> Look at Bug #265247
... has nothing to do with the TeX e-TeX migration. Until now I'm not
really sure, about what happened here, cause after unpack a file was
missing, which is part of tetex-bin. The following was a typo in
tetex-base -- unrelated to the migration.

> #265611
... has nothing to do with the TeX e-TeX migration. It might be the
other migration: /usr/share/texmf/web2c it not more an ln -s into
/var, but rather an own dir. Doesn't break the autobuilders, as they
assume the default answers and not changed config files.

> #264394
Bug is normal. The described file doesn't compile on Knuth TeX
either. No gain if you switch back. The bug is here, that the error
behaviour of e-TeX is wrong.

> #263840
Wouldn't have happened, if the user would have taken the default
answer. Doesn't break the auto builders.

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