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Update of doc-debian


since Joy does not seem available these days, I've worked on an update
of the package doc-debian/ (version 3.1.0)

The package is available at people.debian.org/~pmachard/doc-debian/

Among the file I update, there were constitution.txt and 
social-contact.txt. (FYI I've just filled a bug against ftp.d.o 
because the versions of the constitution and the social-contact 
available at ftp.d.o/debian/doc are out of date)

I've fixed a bruch of bugs too. Before polishing the package, I was
wondering if I should "copy" the website, that is to say, having any
versions of the social-contract and of the constitution :

 social-contract.1.0.txt and  social-contract.txt



Or simply keep the lastest version ?


P.S. Joy, do you object that I co-maintain this package ?
                                Pierre Machard
<pmachard@debian.org>                                 http://debian.org
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