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ftp.debian.org: Please remove debian-guide{,-es,zh-s,zh-t} from the archive

Package: ftp.debian.org
Version: Reported July 8th 2004
Priority: normal

Currently all the debian-guide packages provided in Debian are obsolete an 
undermaintained. The main source, debian-guide, has not had updated 
content since june 1999 (when it was initially released) which makes it 
apply only to potato. 

We already have the "Installation Manual" (there is a woody version and an
updated version for sarge is on the works), the "Debian User Manual"
(applies to woody) and the "Debian reference" [1]. I don't believe we
should provide this guide as it is currently. If there are contents which
are not available elsewhere they should be merged with already existing

Also these guides cannot shake its RC bugs (#229425, #253659,
#221331) which spur from its latex2html dependency (#221329, #140549,
#221330 and #229429).



[0] Available at 
(currently not packaged) and
(currently packages in the debian-reference package)

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