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Debian Dictionary


I'd like to pick up the Debian Dictionary [1]. It looks like it's been 
planned for 5 years, though it hasn't actually had much work done on it.

My plan is to define Debian specific terms used in Debian manuals,
mailing lists, packages, irc, or any other forums Debian is discussed. 
Besides all of the normal build targets, I also am thinking that part of 
the build process should include producing a dict format file so people 
could drop it in their dictd server.

So far I've made the skeleton and stubbed out a few definitions to check
the formatting. You can grab the tar at: 


As the current page about the Debian Dictionary suggests, I was thinking
about setting up a wiki so that interested people could submit new 

	-Joe Oppegaard

[1] http://www.debian.org/doc/misc-manuals#dict

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