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locale changes in next version of debiandoc-sgml


The next version of debiandoc-sgml (to be uploaded this weekend; I'm in the
final testing stages) will have some changes in the locale area:

 * The tools now really don't look at the environment variables anymore for
   locale settings.  There were a couple of places I overlooked previously.

 * Proper support for Euro-based locales.  I've added the Euro variant of
   all applicable locales, including correct character sets and such.  For
   some locales this means the non-Euro variant is changed back to what it
   is supposed to be.  E.g. the fr_FR.ISO8859-1 locale had the Euro character
   set, but now it has the non-Euro character sert.

   For the mappimng I followed that of the locales package. I.e. to get the
   Euro-based locale one has to add the '@euro'.  Leaving out the '@euro'
   will give you the non-Euro variant.

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