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Re: Debian Packages how-to

Whats that ??? I have gotten this Message several times month ago...

Am 2004-04-05 21:53:49, schrieb Brent Schartung:
>As a new Debian user, I had no problems finding
>http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages and using its
>search engine to find the latest and greatest stuff. 
>However, short of downloading .debs with a web browser
>and double-clicking them to open KPackage, I can't
>seem to get to the packages.  I really wish the
>/packages page had a good Synaptic/apt-get tutorial
>(or easy-to-find link) that shows:
>How to open Synaptic and the Repositories screen
>A list of mirrors of official and unofficial servers
>(i.e. what goes in URI)
>What goes in the Distribution and Section boxes
>What Vendors... does
>How all this maps to the apt-get config files
>An example of a non-trivial (?) package to retrieve is
>the (non-free) graphviz package from ATT labs.  No
>combination of debian/pool/non-free/g for Distribution
>seems to do the trick!
>I suspect there is a very good resource out there for
>setting up synaptic, but I just can't find it.  And I
>believe that debian.org/distrib/packages should do all
>it can to help new users get started with package
>Brent Schartung

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