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DDP archive review

I reviewed the HEAD branch of the DDP archive some time ago, but didn't get 
to write a report until now. Ok, here's the data:

- My CVS copy is dated November the 9th, 16:52, this is more or less a week
before the machines were compromised.

- I have reviewed the CVS DDP from gluck, by checking out a copy of the 
HEAD branch, the latest timestamp of the RCS files in that CVS is Nov 19 
16:15:28 2003 (attached)

Comparing my CVS HEAD against the old CVS HEAD (notice this was a full CVS
copy, not just manuals.sgml):

- No new files were added to the HEAD branch.

- The scripts I had under ddp/utils/convert no longer exist in the CVS. 
After reviewing this it seems they were removed from there and located at
ddp/utils (probably my copy had an old copy)

- After reviewing the changes of the files modified after my copy was 
updated, I believe they are all legitimate changes. I cannot fully vouch 
for German and French files. Notice that most of the changes were done in 
quick-reference (the diffstat is attached), which Osamu has already 
verified himself.

- There are no changes to scripts or Makefiles in the HEAD branch

I've also reviewed the history of the RCS files of the Makefile scripts 
at the top of manuals.sgml. I have not detected any suspicious change there 
either. Notice I have not reviewed the history of the scripts under utils/ 
or the Makefiles of documents under manuals.sgml/

Finally, I've also reviewed the archive with pmarchard's copy (dated 
September 24th), the differences are bigger, but just related to files 
changed in October. Most of the changes between the HEAD files of that 
CVS copy are just like the ones I had from my own copy.



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