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Possible book idea...

I have an idea for a book.  I was focusing somewhere along the lines of
"Debian GNU/Linux for Dummies".
I was hoping for some feedback, since the book would cover setup and
installation of the OS as well as "testing" and "unstable".  Another
aspect would be the fact I have installed it on x86 as well as an iMac
and a March 2003 Powerbook which is having issues when upgrading to
10.2.8 of MacOS X but again, I can cover this as I have done it several

Some ideas I was throwing around, were:

* Debian Jr..
* Debian on the desktop.
* List of things to do in Debian.
(more suggestions may be necessary.)

Finally, it is a "For Dummies" book and I have a couple of them and they
are small, so the question is this:  What should I cover?  I thought
about setting up and install on two archs and then focusing on adults
and children who have never heard of Linux or maybe even NEVER powered
up a computer before.  I know my family would love to see a book like
that.  But that's just me.  :-)


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