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Re: Debian Policy

On Mon, Aug 25, 2003 at 04:16:32PM +0200, Pierre PANTALÉON wrote:
> Santiago Vila a écrit :
> > What they probably might have tell you is that a translation of
> > debian-policy may only be informative, not authoritative.
> >
> > That's the same thing it happens with the GPL. You may publish a 
> translation
> > yourself if you like, but it will never have the weight of the original
> > english version.
> >
> I know, but on the french pages, in documentation, there is only the 
> english version. And the french site maintener say me that the original 
> author don't want translation on the Debian official site.
> I think we put the link on the debian site, don't we ?

I do not understand exactly what are you tring to tell us but ... can
you provide URL of "french pages".  Is the translation document in SGML
or only in HTML.  Is the author updating the document with exact version
control in mind? ....  Who is the author or his e-mail address, anyway?  

These are going to be factors for us to think how to deal with this
document in the most effective way.

I think if it is well done translation in SGML with version control, it
may be a good "informative" document to be added to DDP or some other
part of Debian.


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