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Re: Update for the french translation of the developers-reference

Frédéric Bothamy <fbothamy@mail.dotcom.fr> writes:

> * Adam DiCarlo <adam@onshored.com> [2003-04-18 07:56] :
> > 
> > Excellent.  I'll upload a new package of it them.
> Thanks.
> Unfortunately the CVS documentation available on the Debian website ¹
> won't automatically update because I used the new tag <translator> as
> one of my proof-readers suggested (I just read the thread about it on
> debian-doc). As a consequence the automatic generation failed ² because
> the tag is not present in the DTD (from the stable package, I guess)
> used for the generation. I am not really sure what would be the best
> solution to solve this issue, maybe build the CVS documentation in a Sid
> chroot or alternatively I could remove the offending tags from my
> translation (but then it looks a bit stupid to have a tag and not to be
> able to use it).
> I hope that you will have a solution for this issue (you can CC this to
> debian-doc as I have just subscribed to the list).

I think klecker or wherever this is building needs to have
debiandoc-sgml from testing installed.  Josip, is that possible?

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