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Re: [reprise] stale documents

On Wed, Mar 05, 2003 at 06:14:21PM -0600, Adam DiCarlo wrote:
> Ok, please, people, lets not get distracted.  Osamu Aoki suggested
> some additional manuals but I want to stick with these to start with.
> If we can stick to these for the moment, please, lets.


I was trying to give some perspective on this tread. I also CCed key
person to get their attention.  (Additional manual?  Are you talking
about another thread?  Or my suggestion of limiting file size?  Anyway,
let's move on...)

Short answer: I second this proposal.

I will be happy to incorporate useful contents as long as they are
formatted to address the needs of administrators who has basic unix/linux

Please contact me with the SGML patch files to the debian-reference if
any of the authors affected is interested to work with me.

> We have two choices for these, explicitly take these manuals out of
> the user section on the DDP pages and put them on an "obsolete/dead"
> manual page; or, the more extreme action, 'cvs rm'.  Both of these
> allow us to retrieve it.  The first allows the manual to persist and
> be viewable; the second just out and out kills it.
> I need to have some objection to removing/obsoleting these or the
> reaping will begin in a few days.

OK.  (Can you put some tag so retrieving them shall be easy, just in

As far as the 2 document you said to move to "obsolete/stale/incomplete"
section are already not linked from  http://www.debian.org/doc/.  If you
are talking http://www.debian.org/doc/user-manuals, let's move those to
different page specially designed for removed and obsolete files as a
place keeper.   http://www.debian.org/doc/ddp also has few descriptions
for these old documents.  That should be moved to this place keeper file
and replace these lower section with a link to the place keeper file.

As far as CVS are conceded, John's document does not matter.

> * tutorial, "Debian Tutorial"
> Pretty clearly obsolete and no longer maintained.  Suggest we 'cvs rm'
> it.

> * user, "Debian User Reference Manual"
> Last significant update: 2002-03-28
> Num. lines changed since 2002-01-01: 70
> Num. lines changed since 2001-01-01: 122
> Translations: none
> Most of it is just outline/draft.  Suggest we review it for anything
> that might be sensibly added to debian-reference and then 'cvs rm' it.


> * debian-guide (package, not in CVS)
> Last significant update: 1999-08-06
> Num. lines changed since 2002-01-01: 0
> Num. lines changed since 2001-01-01: 0
> Translations: none
> Unmaintained, is seems to overlap with debian-reference, does it have
> anything to offer not in that document?
> Suggest we move it to "obsolete/stale/incomplete" section.

Seconded. (I have to say some of the introduction to console part is
nice and compliments Progeny manual.  Anyway, if we are to reactivate
this, we need to update contents by removing install things and make it
a nice unix tutorial.  This discussion belongs to separate thread.)

> * system-administrator, "Debian System Administrator's Manual"
> Last significant update: 2002-09-27
> Num. lines changed since 2002-01-01: 7
> Num. lines changed since 2001-01-01: 22
> Translations: none (one file in RU)
> Seems to overlap with debian-reference, only had two content commits
> in 2002, and only a translation was adding all of 2001.  Probably has
> some contents which could be integrated in debian-reference.


> Suggest we move it to "obsolete/stale/incomplete" section.
> * network-administrator, "Debian Network Administrator's Manual"
> Last significant update: 2002-12-07
> Num. lines changed since 2002-01-01: 146
> Num. lines changed since 2001-01-01: 146
> Translations: ES, RU
> Only two content commits in 2002, one in 2001, 2 in 2000.  Suggest we
> see if rkrusty is amenable to working with debian-reference instead.
> Suggest we move it to "obsolete/stale/incomplete" section.


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