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permission of CVSROOT/val-tags

On Thu, Jan 30, 2003 at 08:37:48AM -0600, Adam DiCarlo wrote:
> I've added a ddp-policy tag, "ddp_rescope_draft".  Just do this to use
> the tag in ddp-policy dir:  'cvs -q up -r ddp_rescope_draft'.

osamu@goofy:ddp-policy-up$ cvs -q up -r ddp_rescope_draft
osamu@cvs.debian.org's password:
cvs [server aborted]: cannot write /cvs/debian-doc/CVSROOT/val-tags:
Permission denied


osamu@gluck:/org/cvs.debian.org/cvs/debian-doc/CVSROOT$ ls -l val-tags
-rw-r--r--    1 aph      Debian        838 Dec 12 11:50 val-tags

No wonder I can not use tag :-( 
Hmm... Can I change it, YES :-)

osamu@gluck:/org/cvs.debian.org/cvs/debian-doc/CVSROOT$ ls -l val-tag*
-rw-rw-r--    1 osamu    Debian        838 Jan 30 10:42 val-tags
-rw-r--r--    1 aph      Debian        838 Dec 12 11:50 val-tags-aph

I hope you do not mind :-)  

If file owner has to be aph for unknown reason, please remove file
created by me and place your file with 664 permission instead.
(directory is group writable)

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