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Golf & Tennis Crosslink Request?


My name is Mike Blazedell from MindHarbor, Inc.. I just reviewed your
website and wanted to present an opportunity to you.  MindHarbor has been
engaged by Las Vegas Golf & Tennis to help them establish a web link page
of golf or tennis related websites.  We are trying to establish crosslinks
from various websites and in turn, plan to build a directory of those
sites to share with our website visitors.  Las Vegas Golf & Tennis has
been serving sports enthusiasts since 1974 and is currently the largest
full service golf & tennis retailer in the USA, so their existing exposure
is substantial.

As you may know, getting your website crosslinked thru other sites can
help increase your traffic, as well as, increase your ranking in search
engines; establishing a super win/win situation.  Our interest is in
linking only with reputable firms in the golf or tennis industries.  If
you have interest in a crosslink on this site, please add the URL and
description below to your website. Then simply send us the link address
(feel free to provide us a description of your site in your own words as
well). I will check it out and add your link to the new link page
(currently being developed over the next few weeks).

Lastly, I will send you a follow-up email with the location of your link
for your review and the crosslinks will be in place to help both sites
increase their traffic!

Link URL: http://www.lvgolf.com/

Title: Las Vegas Golf & Tennis

Las Vegas Golf & Tennis has been serving the needs of golf
and tennis enthusiasts since 1974.  We are the largest full
service golf & tennis retailer in the United States.  Franchises

Thanks so much in advance for your time and possible assistance in this
matter.   I hope to hear from you in the future!

Best and Warmest,
Mike Blazedell
800-997-2969  x3334

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