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Is there a Package Repository HOWTO?


I'm writing the "How Software Producers Can Distribute Their Products
Directly in DEB Format" guide and I want to explain how to create
package repositories.  I've read the sources.list, dpkg-scanpackages
and dpkg-scansources manpages, and a few other documents and I think
now I understand how it works.  The problem is that I haven't found
one *single* document explaining how it works.

Is there anything like a "Package Repository HOWTO"?  If there isn't
one, should I integrate it in my guide or should I go a bit more into
the details and write a separate one?  I tend to do the latter, but
I'd be glad to hear other opinions.
Aaron Isotton

My GPG Public Key: http://www.isotton.com/gpg-public-key

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