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Re: I need help to write a doc

Aaron Isotton <aaron@isotton.com> writes:

> 2. Converting an RPM to a DEB
>    How to convert an RPM to a DEB.  For simple packages using alien
>    and adapting the resulting package might do; what I'd want here is
>    a list of problems one usually runs into and of important
>    differences between the two systems.  I have almost no experience
>    with RPM, so there's no way I can write that in the near future.

I would guess maintainer scripts need help and dependancies.

I don't think we need to document that much about RPM maintenance --
don't the RH docs cover that pretty well?

> 3. Making it Easy to Create both RPM and DEB Packages
>    What one could do to make packaging easy for both RPM systems and
>    Debian, such as calling the Debian update-* tools and the
>    equivalent RPM tools using if/else statements.  As I don't know
>    much about RPM I can't write that section either.

I would imagine the principles of good software apply here.  We can
keep it pretty general. The idea is just to identify logic which can
be shared between RH and Debian packages, and putting that logic
somewhere where it can be shared.

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