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DDP CVS commit by osamu: ddp/manuals.sgml/quick-reference de/cvs.sgml d ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/debian-doc
Module name:	ddp
Changes by:	osamu	02/12/15 19:57:30

Modified files:
	manuals.sgml/quick-reference/de: cvs.sgml debian.sgml 
	manuals.sgml/quick-reference/en: cvs.sgml 
	manuals.sgml/quick-reference/examples: example.sgml 
	manuals.sgml/quick-reference/fr: append.sgml cvs.sgml 
	manuals.sgml/quick-reference/pt: cvs.sgml debian.sgml edit.sgml 
	                                 gateway.sgml kernel.sgml 
	                                 system.sgml tips.sgml 

Log message:
	Updated with newer version.
	IT witheld update since new version introduced forced update of other
	chapters to current English ones.

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