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Proposed documentation on this issue (was Re: Documentation licenses (GFDL discussion on debian-legal))

Many of you are already aware (me included but I have not participated/read all 
the relevant threads) that this horse might have been beaten to death in as many
threads over the years. However there is not a single place that summarises all
this information and shows the "official" (Debian's as opposed to personal
opinions) stand on documentation licenses.

Let's see if I can help fix this. I have just committed [1] a summary of the
information regarding documentation licenses (not only the GFDL). To read it online
please visit 

Please, I would be most greatful if people reviewed this and submitted comments
to the document itself (as opposed to personal interpretations).

Also, I would like to know (Branden? anyone?) what is the status of Branden's
proposed interpretation of the DFSG clause 3 [2]

IMHO we need to improve the information available on this issue (and the mailing
lists threads are certainly not enough) in order to avoid having this issue jump in
and out again and again [3] 



[1] Will not be compiled until tomorrow but, for the moment being, it's available
in the CVS area at
and compiled in:

[2] Final draft here:
Previously discussed here:

And a summary seems to be this one:

[3] It would also be nice to include relevant information to 
http://www.debian.org/intro/free too

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