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Re: bad URL http://www.debian.org/doc/misc-manuals#sgml-howto

Josip Rodin said:
> On Mon, Dec 02, 2002 at 10:26:10AM -0600, Adam DiCarlo wrote:
> > The SGML/XML Howto has a bad URL, as found at
> > http://www.debian.org/doc/misc-manuals#sgml-howto .
> > 
> > Has the howto disappeared?  If it's alive and well, should we bring it
> > more into the mainstream?
> It probably got lost in the klecker -> gluck move for people.debian.org.
> Stephane is rather AWOL these days.

Isn't this it?


Its release info is:

  $Id: howto.db,v 1.16 2000/11/21 00:15:22 joy Exp $

The newest version of the file in Stephane's directory is v1.15, here:


It was crawled on Oct 06 2001.  I haven't pulled it down and done a cvs
diff against v1.15 from the DDP repository but from a casual inspection
it looks like the same thing.


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