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docpolicy.html update


We all know docpolicy.html is totally outdated (file location are /usr/doc/*)

I updated its content reflecting recent discussion. (See below "links
-dump docpolicy.new.html")

There may be some loose ends but better than current shape.

If no one opposes, I will commit to www.

Few questions remaining:
 1) Removal of FTP was OK? (existence of CVS and debian packages)
 2) Credit names?
 3) compress text files for the web or not?
 4) codepages (mostly Linux/unix standard ones for each locales.  
    But for PDF, use Microsoft compatible ones. EUC vs. SJIS for
    jp and Asian locales.  European language suffer less on this 
    problem.  We should eventually standardize in UTF-8 once XML
    transition are done.)



                              Documentation Policy

   Here is a list of decisions that were made on our mailing list and
   approved by our Documentation Manager, Susan G. Kleinmann.

     * All manuals of the Debian Documentation Project (DDP) will be released
       under DFSG-compliant licenses, most likely GPL.

     * We'll use the following directory structure in the filesystem and on
       our servers:

  Filesystem (installed by debian packages):
    (Optional: index to all available files)
   ... (all other chapters in html forms.)

  WWW server (Stable version):
    (Optional: index to all available files)
   ... (all other chapters in html forms.)

  WWW server (DDP CVS generated):
    (Optional: index to all available files)
   ... (all other chapters in html forms.)

  CVS server (DDP):
   Repository: ddp/manuals.sgml/<packagename>/

  Debian package:
   Source package: (SGML source only)
   Binary package: (4 generated formats only)
    <packagename>_<version>_all.deb               (install all languages)
    <packagename>-<LANG>_<version>_all.deb (for each language)


          * <packagename> is the package generic name without language
            specification (it is most likely source package name).
          * <LANG> is the language specification used for the apache
            auto-language selection (en, fr, it, de, pt-br, ...).

     * We use SGML as the source format. Currently, SGML format compatible
       with debiandoc-sgml tool chain is chosen to be our document format.
       This source file format is expected to move toward DocBook-XML in the
       future when infrastructures are ready.

       The other options were: LaTeX, HTML, texinfo, and several other minor
       formats. These are not accepted anymore.
     * We thrive to publish documents in 4 formats from SGML source.

          * Multi-file HTML files with the starting page bearing the package
            generic name.

            Currently, many generated HTML files still use index.html or
            index.<LANG>.html but these are discouraged practices since they
            hide other files.
          * Plain text file (compressed by gzip).
          * Postscript file (compressed by gzip).
          * PDF file.

       Bug reports are encouraged to provide the diff file to the SGML source
       but the diff file to the generated plain text file is accepted by the
       document maintainers. This means that users do not have to learn SGML
       to submit changes to our documents.
     * Every Debian document will have a single person listed as the Author
       and optionally a single person listed as the Translator.


   Please send all comments, criticisms and suggestions about these web pages
   to Adam Di Carlo or to the mailing list of the Debian Documentation Team.

   Last changed on $Date: 1999/10/08 22:34:35 $ by $Author: aph $

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