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Re: debiandoc vs. docbook

 Susan Kleinmann <sgk@kleinmann.com> écrivait :
  « The point is made that we need to demonstrate the feasibility of a robust
  « debiandoc to docbook converter before proceeding.  I have downloaded 
  « Phillipe Batailler's debiandoc2docbook script, but don't yet quite understand 
  « what problem Osamu is alluding to with regard to internal entities:
  « the man page for sgml2xml doesn't seem to mention any limitation in this
  « area.

I have just uploaded a new version for woody (before now, 
it was for potato).

When the debiandoc file has no subset of the dtd,
the script works well. (The choices of translation between tags of debiandoc 
and tags of docbookx can be changed.)
When there is a subset of the dtd, it works too, but the files 
(not sgml files but files like custom.ent in Osamu'quick-reference) that are 
loaded must be "normalized", and sgml2xml can't do it. One must put 
sgml key words in uppercase, add a " ; " in <![ %lang-fr [ : 
<![ %lang-fr; [, for example, and other things. 
I have written a sed script for that task : normalize. It is in the tarball.
[ But it fails on the file "default.ent" in Osamu'quick-reference...]

Well, that script works but it could surely be improved!


philippe batailler
in girum imus nocte et consumimur igni

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