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Re^2: debiandoc vs. docbook

It might appear that I threw out a bit of flame-bait and then went into 
lurk-mode on the above topic, but the fact is that just after I sent 
that email, I rebuilt my firewall (something I'd been meaning to do for a 
while), and in the process I mis-configured sendmail.  I think it's fixed
now.  It looks like I lost about 12 hours worth of mail as a result.  I'm 
relying on the web archive of debian-doc to get filled in on the missing
emails, but it hasn't been updated since Thursday (and I don't know when
it will be updated again).  In the meantime, from the emails that 
I have seen, it looks as if many constructive comments have been and are
being made on this topic, which certainly bodes well for a mutually 
satisfactory conclusion one way or another.  

Waiting for the archive to update before emerging from lurk-mode,

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