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Re: need an advice

Hello Armin,

On Fri, 20 Sep 2002 09:24:32 +0200, armin fried <mythrandir@szm.sk>  said: 
> i\'m writing because i\'m interested in linux much(especially debina l.) but i
\'m still facing problems 
> with localizing it.so far i\'ve come across several manuals on localization , 
> unfortunately i just wasn\'t able to make sense out of them.

I would bet that >90% of people using debian and even people who are debian
developers have had the same experience.  Here are some ways to deal with it:
 -- find another debian user or developer to talk to.
 -- use the debian-user mailing list. 
 -- go to meetings if/when possible.
 -- in your case, subscribe to or search the debian-i18n mailing list:

In any case, here's my suggestion:  keep a detailed, written record of your 
problems, showing what you were tring to do, the symptoms of a problem, and 
the methods you tried to solve it.  This has two benefits:
 -- often, you find the answer in the process of recording that you've 
    really utilized all possible means to solve the problem.
 -- you can really help the folks who are working on the problem, by showing
    them explicitly where they could offer some additional crucial information.
For example, at ***the very first*** term or sentence that you don't understand
in a manual, write down exactly what it is that you don't understand about it:
is it some term that hasn't been defined, or does the sentence appear to
contradict something else you knew (either from that manual or from some
other resource).  Usually, after getting answers to just a few such problems
on a mailing list or meeting, a person will be off and running.

Hope that's some help,

P.S.  I keep a directory called "questions", with files whose names are general
subject areas where I am having problems, e.g.:  network, install, samba, etc.
when I find the solution to the problem, I move a question into the
corresponding file in a directory called "answers".  

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