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Re: woody release notes - removed package dftp

On Thu, 2002-09-05 at 21:53, No_jeremy_Spam@jsbygott.fsnet.co.uk wrote:
> The woody release notes (v. 1.152 2002/08/26) don't seem to list
> "dftp" amongst the removed packages.
> I was curious to see why it had been removed, that's all.  I don't
> miss the package, I'm just cleaning up cruft on my system and noticed
> a dangling link /usr/doc/dfpd -> /usr/share/doc/dftp (the typo, a bug
> in the postinst of potato's dftp_4.8-3, is the reason it didn't get
> removed before).

Okay, i'll look at adding this.


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