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Re: Updating project-history document

On Wed, 31 Jul 2002, Javier Fern?ndez-Sanguino Pe?a wrote:
> +<sect>The 3.x Releases
> +<p>Before the next release was effective package pools were implemented 

Consider replacing this paragraph with:

Before Woody could even begin to be prepared for release, a change to
the archive system on ftp-master had to be made. Package pools, which
enabled special purpose distributions, such as the new "Testing"
distribution used for the first time to get Woody ready for release,
were <url
+name="activated on ftp-master"> in mid December 2000. A package pool
is just a collection of different versions of a given package, from
which multiple distributions (currently experimental, unstable,
testing, and stable) can draw packages, which are then included in
that distribution's Packages file.

> +<p>In that period, some of the companies that were shipping modified
> +versions of Debian closed down, starting with Corel, who sold
> +his Linux division in the first quarter of 2001, following it


s/following it/closely followed by/

> +Stormix declared bankrupcy January 17th 2001, and, lastly, Progeny

s/declared bankrupcy/declaring bankruptcy on/

> +ceased development of its distribution on October 1st, 2001.
> +
> +
> +<p>The freeze for the next release started on july 1st 2001. However, 
> +it took the project a little more than a year to get to the next 
> +release, due to the changes in the architecture (the incoming archive
> +and the security architecture) and because of the introduction
> +of cryptographic software in the main archive. 

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the main cause of the
initial delay more than just crypto in main?


seems to indicate that it boot-floppies that was the first cause of
delay (followed by crypto-in-main, followed by security architecture.)

> In that time, however,
> +the stable release (Debian 2.2) was revised up to seven times. And two

s/. And/, and/

> +Project Leaders were elected: Ben Collins (in 2001) and Bdale Garbee.
> +Also, work in many areas around Debian besides packaging kept growing,

Perhaps s/around/of/ ?

> +one of these was internationalisation, the web server (over a thousand

s/one of these was/including/
s/internationalisation/internationalization/ [Is this an en_us vs

Perhaps s/the web server/Debian's web site/ [It's not really a
webserver per se.]

> +webpages) was translated to over 20 different languages, and installation


> +for the next release was ready in 23 languages. Two internal projects:
> +Debian Junior (for children) and Debian Med (for medical practice
> +and research) started on that time frame providing the project with

s/on that/during the woody release/

> +different focus to make Debian suitable for those tasks.


> +(<em>Sid</em>, the evil and "unstable" kid next door who should 
> +never be let out into the world is the permanent name for the unstable 
> +distribution

perhaps add Sid=Still in development

> ). The <em>testing</em> release is intended to 
> +become the next stable release and is code-named <em>Sarge</em>.

Hopefully that helps out a bit.

Don Armstrong

Always try to do things in chronological order.
It's less confusing that way.


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