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Why not symlink to man pages from doc directories?

It occurs to me that it might be useful if inside the
/usr/share/doc/PKG directory, there was always a subdirectory "man"
and in there symlinks to all of the man pages installed by the
package.  One could then have a quick list of all relevant man pages
by simply "cd" there and "ls".  Let users know they can go there and
use "man -l file.N.gz" to read a particular man page, the same way you
can do so from the source package.

For XEmacs 21 users:

(defun dired-man-locally ()
  (if (= 1 (function-max-args #'manual-entry))
      (manual-entry (concat (dired-get-filename) " -l"))
    (manual-entry (dired-get-filename) "-l")))

(add-hook 'dired-setup-keys-hook
	  #'(lambda ()
	      (define-key dired-mode-map [(?l)] #'dired-man-locally)))

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