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manpage for application with standard Native Language Support (NLS)

Dear all

I'm trying to write a man page for a package that does not currently have one (skipstone - a Gtk+ web browser). SkipStone has some Native Language Support, implemented using libc. I want to indicate this in the man page, somehow. Looking at the Lynx manpage (man lynx), I see a nice desciption of NLS. I could just copy/paste this. In fact thats what I'm going to do for now. However, does every app that provides fairly standard NLS facilities have to
have the same text repeated? IMHO this is not desirable. 

Looking at the Solaris system I work with, most man-pages in section 1 reference 'environ(5)'. 'man -s 5 environ' has a reasonable description of Solaris Native Language Support. 

On Debian 'man 7 environ' has a brief mention of the NLS environment variables, then references 'locale(5)'. 'man 5 locale' has some information, but it doesn't really say how environment variables determine the language used in an
application - it's more of a detailed description of the locale file. 'man 7 locale' is better, but written for a C developer. I hunted around several manpages, looking 
for something to reference, in the same way that Solaris does, but could not find anything suitable.

So question is :-

Is there a man page I can reference in an application man page to indicate libc-provided Native Language Support?

If not, what do I file the bug report against?

>From my point of view, the Solaris approach (generic description of NLS referenced by application manpages) would be the way to go. Note that I don't really know enough about NLS support to write anything reliable about it myself.

- Jason

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