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cvs commit to ddp/manuals.sgml/faq by osamu

Repository: ddp/manuals.sgml/faq
who:        osamu
time:       Sun Jun 16 22:01:24 PDT 2002

Log Message:

Just minimum correction only.  (Please check this Josip!)

/etc/init.d/rcS and /etc/rc.boot/ description was old and wrong.
This now reflects reality of woody version of init process.

I could have elaborated that now adminstrator can put their script by
    # vi /etc/init.d/foobar-local
    # update-rc.d foobar-local start 99 S .
But I did not.  /etc/rc.boot/ seems depreciated to me.

Josip, please consider updating this section more.  Use of "-local" suggested
in debian-dev ML for a local script to prevent name collision a while ago may
be worth mentioning.


changed:    customizing.sgml

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