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Re: Bug#147162: debiandoc-sgml-doc: Debiandoc-sgml-doc is not available in the DDP CVS

On Mon, May 27, 2002 at 08:46:29AM -0500, Ardo van Rangelrooij wrote:
> That means you assume I'm constantly connected to the net.  I've got a local CVS
> repository so that I don't _need_ to be connected to the net all the time (e.g.
> on vacation).  Show me an easy way to sync CVS repositories and we're in business.

	I would just have to CVS checked out modules, one the local system
and another the DDP. Just copying the appropiate files from one to the
other (the sgml source probably) and doing a cvs ci in the DDP area from
time to time would be ok.
	It would be almost as easy to extract the history from the local
CVS since the last updated and add it (by using the appropiate CVS
Revision tag)
	Something like
(out of the top of my head and written in haste so it might not work

for i in MyCVSDir
	curversion=`cat $i | perl -ne 'print $1 if /Id: \w+,v ([\d\.]+)
	oversion=`cat DDPCVSdir/$i | perl -ne 'print $1 if /Id: \w+,v 
([\d\.]+) /'`
	cvs log -N -R$oversion:$curversion > /tmp/cvslog
	cat $i | perl -pe 's/\$(Id|Revision):/$1:/' > DDPCVSdir/$i
	cvs ci -m /tmp/cvslog $i
> This sounds to me like that the DDP thinks it "owns" the DebianDoc-SGML manual.
> I don't agree.  The manual is a part of the DebianDoc-SGML package which IMHO
> means that I've got something to say about whether the sources have to be put in
> the DDP CVS repository or not.

	That's absolutely true (for the moment, see below :)
> Nowhere it is stated that each and every piece of documentation in Debian is
> owned by the DDP.  I was involved in the DDP more or less from day 1, so I would
> know if that were the case.

	I'm not saying that the DDP *owns* documentation. I'm just saying
that documentation should be available so that people can contribute
either changes to the original documentation or translations. Keeping
track of translations is useless without someway to track changes in
upstream code also.

	In order to do so, and I will be asking for a change of the
current (obsolete) DDP policy, documentation must *always* be readily
available in the DDP CVS server. It's can of pointless having documents
distributed under a free documentation license and not allowing anybody,
save for the upstream maintainer to make changes to the code.
	I know how painful it is to work with slow modems, but using SSH
with compression and the CVS server at the DDP might not be that much
painful. Have you tried to?

	If documents that are part of the way Debian does things, and
that is not just manuals but also anyother documentation, are not part of
the Debian Documentation Project then we should change it's name to the
"Debian almost-everything-but-not-all-Documentation Project"

	Best regads


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