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Re: Bug#145921: reference to packaging manual are obsolete

On Mon, May 06, 2002 at 10:40:51AM -0400, Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> > This is fixed in 1.2 which is in CVS and packaged but stuck in incoming.
> > I've already asked the release manager about it, without receiving a reply,
> > I don't think I can't do anything about it any more. :/
> Ah.  I bet you use byhand entries just like the developer's reference.
> Josip, should be really have the byhand entries?  Are they necessary
> for anything?  I think the web page stuff is updated from DDP/CVS now,
> so these shouldn't be needed and our upload are easier...
> Any thought?

The byhand entries are necessary to get the document files installed into
the /debian/doc/ directory of the archive mirrors.

I agree, I'd prefer to upload without them and not delay the package and
trouble the FTP admins. However, no other way has been set up to update the
doc/ directory.

Note also that the current maint-guide upload is stuck in incoming for
another reason -- I've added maint-guide-it and maint-guide-pl packages
which require editing the override file.

Arguably all of these tasks are trivial, but they nevertheless require FTP
admin intervention, and such things are a scarce commodity :/

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