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Re: subproject-howto, fdl.sgml, debiandoc+docbook=headache


I'm the maintainer of debiandoc-sgml and if there're features like lists with
letters iso numbers, just file a wishlist.  I'm always open to suggestions and
this one seems rather useful to me.  It also shouldn't take that much effort to
implement it once we've figured out how to call the tag (e.g. <ordlist> with
a parameter indication numbers of letters).

If there's more you need just let me know.


Ben Armstrong (synrg@sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca) wrote:
> Hi.  I have started writing a subproject-howto in debiandoc sgml as a native
> Debian package (see the attached ITP; see also a recent pre-release of the
> document, HTML output only, at http://people.debian.org/~synrg).  I have a
> problem including the license text.
> First, like the apt-howto, I would like to put my document under the FDL. 
> However, unlike that document, I would prefer to have the license itself as
> an appendix based on fdl.sgml from FSF.  The apt-howto has a short
> notification in the document itself, while the full copy of the license is
> provided in copyright, which is a part of the Debian packaging.  Sure, it is
> a native Debian package, so you might consider ./debian/copyright as "part
> of the source" but still, it doesn't feel right.
> My problem is that fdl.sgml is written in docbook instead of debiandoc.  "No
> problem," says I, "I'll just sed the docbook stuff in the document to make
> it debiandoc instead."  How naive I was.  It didn't take very long to
> discover that section numbering in the FDL relies on some features of
> docbook I cannot find in debiandoc.  Lists are too simple.  <enumlist> is
> wrong because it uses numbers.  <taglist> is better, but requires me to
> explicitly letter each section.  What I really need is something that
> automatically letters each section, as <orderedlist numeration="upperalpha">
> would do in docbook.
> But then it occurred to me that perhaps someone here has already made
> a debiandoc fdl.sgml.  Has anyone done that?  If not, I'd like to give
> it a try, but am such a newbie at sgml that I hope you'll tolerate my
> questions if/when I get lost. :)
> Ben
Ardo van Rangelrooij
home email: ardo@debian.org
home page:  http://people.debian.org/~ardo
GnuPG fp:   3B 1F 21 72 00 5C 3A 73  7F 72 DF D9 90 78 47 F9

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