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RFI: debiandoc-sgml V2

Hi folks in d-doc@l.d.o,

Since woody is practical freeze and debiandoc-sgml is very complete
shape for the woody release, let me start a thread collecting wish list
requests for debiandoc-sgml V2. (Hi, Ardo!!!)

Before starting my mail, let me express extreme gratitude to Ardo who
has done excellent work keeping it i10n issues fixed for ever despite
annoying bugging from me.

Also, let me send my respect for the people with extreme talents putting
efforts to push DocBook XML things.  It is a noble calling.

Having stated these, I have to confess as a user of software, XML
framework seems like reading Lisp code while SGML seems like reading PERL
code.  XML with such a stringent requirement for closing tags, parser
has easier time and parser code can be written elegantly.  SGML, while
looks similar to unsuspected and ignorant eyes like mine, is more
practical.  With many short forms etc., SGML looks to me as "There's
more than one way to do it" like PERL.  :)

At least, writing XML as a document author is pain in my butt.

I hope I made my point in nice way.  here comes my wish list.

How debiandoc-sgml should evolve from user's view.

1. Add tag to include images in documents, where ever possible.

This can be accommodated by hacking <url ...> tag.  <fig ...> tag is a
one to come.  ASAP, Ardo.  Just implement for PDF and HTML(with script
to choose indirect link based on file size and command line option).

2. Add table capability.

This one is easy to implement if you use external program such as w3m or
links but ... this is not easy if you want to make a good one.

Most manual should come with nice table summary of key issues :)

3. SGML normalization.

Normalizing SGML code. For example, <p> ... -> <p> ... </p>.

4. Debiandic-sgml to DocBook XML converter.

I assume is is quite feasible for Ardo to make one by changing HTML

5. Aesthetically right structure.

Sorry, Ardo. Debiandoc-sgml creates ugly list in HTML.




It is more uglier with <enumlist> tags.

This should creates:


I wonder why???

Also, there was no way to continue numbering of <enumlist> numbering
when it is started.  Sometimes, you need to have some normal text
inserted into listings.

6. I wish to have some translation framework implemented.  

Denis Barbier seems to be developing interesting tool but if it is
integrated into debiandoc-sgml, it shall be nicer.

7. Last but least.  I would like to have converter from lazy and user
friendly SGML->XML converter included.  I want to write debiandoc SGML
but want to have full access to XML tools.i  For me, XML looks like
P-code (Bite compiled UCSD Pascal).

~\^o^/~~~ ~\^.^/~~~ ~\^*^/~~~ ~\^_^/~~~ ~\^+^/~~~ ~\^:^/~~~ ~\^v^/~~~ +++++
 Osamu Aoki @ Cupertino CA USA
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 "Debian reference" Project at: http://qref.sf.net

 I welcome your constructive criticisms and corrections.

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