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Re: cvs commit to ddp/manuals.sgml by osamu

On Fri, Mar 29, 2002 at 06:57:39PM -0800, Debian Doc Project CVS Master wrote:
> Repository: ddp/manuals.sgml
> who:        osamu
> time:       Fri Mar 29 18:57:39 PST 2002

These enable to create pdf and ps for the ease of use.

These can be checked out by 

$ cvs -d :ext:name@cvs.debian.org:/cvs/debian-doc co -r makepdf -d ddp-pdf ddp


$ cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.debian.org:/cvs/debian-doc co -r makepdf \
                    -d ddp-pdf ddp

Can someone test these compatibility on the DDP server?

Cheers :)
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