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cvs commit to ddp/manuals.sgml/apt-howto by osamu

Repository: ddp/manuals.sgml/apt-howto
who:        osamu
time:       Fri Mar 29 18:57:39 PST 2002

Log Message:

New Makefiles which creates
 ps   (except Korean some coding issue)
 pdf  (except Korean some coding issue)
 info (most but not in quick-reference/, bug in debiandocsgml?)
for apt-howto, maint-guide, quick-reference, securing-howto.

This is commited to branch tag: makepdf

Issues of woody:

New debiandoc2html creates <link...> tags which is right thing to do.

Popular VT-100 treminal browsers such as "links" and "lynx" do not display
pages created with above method nicely.


changed:    Tag: makepdf Makefile

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